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Non-Western Art and Modern Art Downloads are PowerPoint presentations.
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HUM 2210 Slides

>Prehistoric/Mesopotamian 1

>Prehistoric/Mesopotamian 2

>Prehistoric/Mesopotamian 3

>Prehistoric/Mesopotamian 4

>Greek 1

>Greek 2

>Greek 3

>Greek 4

>Roman 1

>Roman 2

>Islamic and Byzantine

>Romanesque and French Gothic Cathedrals

>English Gothic Cathedrals

>Non-Western Art

HUM 2230 Slides
The Italian Renaissance

>Late Middle Ages

>Early Renaissance 1

>Early Renaissance 2

>High Renaissance



>Renaissance Architecture


The Northern Renaissance

>Late Middle Ages

>Early Renaissance

>Early/Late Mannerism

>Late Mannerism


The Baroque Age

>Florid Baroque

>French Baroque

>Protestant Baroque

The Age of Enlightenment


>French Neoclassicism*

>English Neoclassicism*

The Romantic Age

>French Neoclassicism

>American Neoclassicism

>Spanish Neoclassicism

>English Romanticism

>Spanish Romanticism

>French Romanticism








>Early Modernism*




Modern Art

>Modern Art Part 1: 1900-1950

>Modern Art Part 2: 1945-Present





1325 BCE

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