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Maddog Updates ~ HUM 2230 / AP Art History

Second Semester / Third Quarter

Monday ~
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

"We must learn to live together as brothers [and sisters], or we will perish together as fools"

Lesson Plans:

Tuesday & Wednesday
         Early Renaissance (ch 11)
Thursday & Friday
          High Renaissance
January 20 - 24, 2020
Week 3

ASSIGNMENTS /           
          DUE DATES:

*AP Art History Classroom  ~  UNITS # 5
             Indigenous Americas
   *Due by Friday, January 24th ~ 20 points

* HUM 2230 ~ General Education Pre-Test
         Tuesday --  20 points

*KCTs ~ chpt 12  --  "High Renaissance"
     Due Thursday, Jan 23  ~  20 pts.
EXTRA-CREDIT  ~  Every quarter students may write a full critical review with notes and proof for a possible 30 points.  These papers do not count towards the required papers.  In addition to the required art museums/galleries, movies, plays, concerts, ONLY for these papers, students may review school events (plays, concerts, competitions), restaurants, or major sports events (college or NFL).  


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